Amanda Larson is an artist from Davis, California. She attended UC Berkeley, where she received her BA in Spanish Literature in 2011. Her art practice resides within two spheres; one being community built public art and the other a studio based practice. Within her public art practice, she facilitates community involvement in the physical production of permanent large-scale sculptures, murals, and functional art pieces for public spaces using mediums of clay, mosaic, cement, glass and metal. She is passionate about facilitating projects that have the potential to foster human connection, activate and engage the public and space, and build a sense of ownership and place. In her studio practice, she creates mixed media installations of found objects, paper ephemera, and video that aim to explore themes of connectivity between social bodies, belonging, memory, and forms of storytelling. She aspires to combine the theories and methodologies of social practice in both her public art and studio practice, to connect communities to art and art to community.

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