I am a sculptor, from Davis, California, specializing in public art and community built art. Creating art is my passion, what I love to do, and it has given me drive and determination to continue to grow and learn. In 2013,  I started working with Donna Billick at Billick Rock Art and Todos Artes. I was introduced to a world of sculpture, large-scale public art, and community built art. We work with schools, communities, groups, and people in creating community build artwork, using mediums of clay, cement, metal, glass, and mosaic. 

I am extremely passionate about community built art. It positively influences communities and can be used to promote change and aid in education.  I am constantly growing and evolving, I have an appetite to learn new techniques and try new things. I aspire to make positive impacts in communities and people lives through creating art, spreading the word about community builds, talking to other emerging artists about following their dreams and reaching for what may seem impossible to reach. I am also certified welder, Community Built Association board member, swimmer, photographer, bilingual and outdoor adventurer. Get out there and do what you love!


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