Studio Practice

SEEDING: Health & Homeland

Seeding is a project designed to amplify the function of the book store as a place for gathering, and the sharing of stories. Focusing on notions of health, home, sustenance and survival; the artists will gather, map and re-distribute neighborhood stories through participatory research, conversational engagement and seeding activities. Seeding is used as a metaphor to describe the layering and excavation of culture, and how it moves, evolves and grows.
Made specifically for Adobe Books, this month long project is conceived and operated by students of Ranu Mukherjee’s Spring Social Practice Workshop at California College of the Arts;  Misha Abbas, Jennifer Brandel, Amanda Larson, and Yoko Tahara.
California College of the Arts, Social Practice Workshop
Adobe Books Gallery, May 5th-31st, 2018 

Sculpt a Memory Out of Clay

Participants of the workshop were asked to think of a memory in relationship to encounter they had with an individual that changed their life or effected them in some way. This encounter could have been with a stranger, someone they knew or know well. After they sculpted an object that they felt connected them to their story. This project was intended to explore human connection, through memory and alternative forms of storytelling. 

Past Projects & Artworks:

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