I was introduced to the Community Built Association in 2014 at the CBA Conference in Davis, CA. The individuals involved in the CBA is vast, full of a wide range of professionals with different careers from artists to architects, designers, and non-profit organizations. At the conference I was moved by all the people I meet and the work that they do. Being a part of the CBA has focused my artistic goals, and helped set me on the path I find myself today.

I became a CBA board member in 2014. Along with working with Donna Billick, I give presentations about community built work and the "how to's of being an large scale public artists" to groups of artists at local community colleges. I hope to inspire them, give them information about how to get involved with their communities and provide them with tools to aid them in becoming successful artists.

More information about the Community Built Association can be found at: 


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Community Built Association Project 2014

During the CBA Conference in Davis, CA, community members, bootcamp participants, and conference attendees helped in five community projects lead by community built association members, Tom Arie Donch, Donna Billick, and Caryl Yasko. Tom Arie Donch and Donna Billick lead community members in creating four benches made of concrete, mosaic, and ferrous cement. Caryl Yasko lead groups of community members in painting a mural in a local bike tunnel. All projects highlight and celebrate Davis's diverse wildlife. The benches and mural can be found behind the Whole Foods in Davis, on the bike path that goes underneath the railroad tracks. During the project, I assisted Donna Billick and community members in creating a ferrous cement/mosaic bench of a cottonwood leaf. 

 Cottonwood Bench

Billick Rock Art/Community Built Association (2014)


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